Gospel Global Vision

A Vision to fulfill the Great Commission, NOW!

The Scriptures teach us that we are commanded by Jesus to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” The technology to do so is now in place. All we need to do is formulate and execute a plan. This plan must be bold. I have a vision for this plan that I pray is directly from God, through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am personally unworthy to be the leader of this task but so is everyone else I know. Not one person, called by Jesus to serve Him, is worthy or without sin.

The Scriptures repeatedly refer to the followers of Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, as “saints”. Do you feel like a saint? I doubt it and neither do I. Let’s not dwell on how we “feel” but let us look at taking the kind of action that would be taken by a saint. That is what I am asking you to do. To join me in the greatest “work” that could be imagined; to preach the gospel to the whole world. This is a task that will demand our greatest effort. This work comprises the most significant evangelical movement in history. It is a work that the Scriptures say must be completed before Jesus returns.

The task to accomplish this mission has four parts.  The assets we have are gifts from God and we certainly will be held accountable for how we have allocated them. Charitable work is good and most of us are already involved in good, charitable causes. But, ask yourself what the outcomes will be of our current efforts. If the answers are improved health for the world’s population, fewer hungry people, less violence, a cure for some devastating disease,  and homes for the homeless , then these are certainly worthy efforts and should be sustained. To take part in fulfilling the Great Commission is also a worthy goal and if the outcome is to set the stage for the return of Jesus and to see millions of people exposed to the Gospel and many converted, then it is among the highest of goals. It will also, if we are to sustain current efforts, require an extra effort on our part. I would say a “sacrificial effort” but in truth most of us do not truly suffer from unmet personal needs.

Allow me to pose a question. Which of the following programs of this world evangelism project would you want to assist in funding or to lead?

The Sola Scriptura Project

This site, The Sola Scriptura Project, receives thousands of visitors each day from 90+ countries. This web site was developed, by myself, led by God, I pray, to present teachings from the Old and New Testament of selected topics using The Word only, without commentary or interpretation. Most people visit this site to study a particular topic, as they prepare to teach that topic or to simply drink in the Word, undiluted.

Google Translator solved a major economic problem for the Project by providing a link that allows visitors to view the topics on the Sola Scriptura site in 35 different languages at the click of a button. Given the rapid increase in global outreach via satellites, it would be wonderful if we could place a computer or a receiver with internet access in towns and villages all over the world.  The Project could partner with evangelical associations that have a presence in these countries.  They would love to have topical readings in local languages. As a topic is being viewed, in Russian, for instance, a translation of a Russian phrase can be viewed in English by passing the cursor over the Russian translation, allowing the missionary to see the English translation. Those affiliate organizations could coordinate the distribution of receivers and the Project could focus on providing the equipment.

The “Got Eternity” Project

The Got Eternity Booklet was developed by myself and has been mailed to 1.3 million households. The mailings were by zip code. This booklet is a window on my personal views. If you do not like most of what I had to say in the booklet, my guess is that you probably would not want to get involved in any of the projects. The on-line version of this “booklet” has been translated into 35 languages. We need to develop a distribution plan for the booklet. What I have done to date is to simply print it and mail it as funds were available and the recipients did not volunteer to receive it, it just showed up in their mailbox. The results have been mixed. The booklet elicited all sorts of reactions from complete disgust and anger that anyone would have been so presumptuous as to send them an unsolicited entreaty, to heartwarming responses that made sending the booklets a total blessing to my family and to the persons that received it.

Even in the case of hostile reactions, we have heard from persons who were initially angry and who now want a copy of the booklet sent to some relative or friend. Though the reactions have been mixed, the booklet definitely created a strong response. We know that the word of God does not return void, so even when it is provocative and irritating to some, they are not able to “cancel the message”. Its indelible mark has been made. The budget to send out millions more of this booklet varies by country. The expenses are made up of two items, printing and postage. One way to proceed is to simply continue with the course of action already taken by expanding the mailing, dramatically.

There is another course of action that may work, either in tandem with the mailings, or as a separate effort. One could make arrangements with any organization that has a world wide presence, to place the booklets in public places within a community. That eliminates the cost of postage and it makes the recipient a “volunteer”. It would require a plan to be developed wherein the members of an organization in a local community were to identify places where the booklets could be displayed in a “take one, they are free” format and those same persons would then be responsible for replenishing supplies as displays were emptied.

It seems that simply distributing the booklets would be enough to make things happen but it has been my experience that some of the recipients need some coaching in understanding the implications of much of what was presented. To that end, I would recommend that the “Got Eternity” project include a community wide follow up opportunity for the recipients to safely come and receive teaching on the points presented in the booklet. I say “safely” to imply that recruitment by a particular organization to bring new converts (and contributors) into their fold would be a red flag to some persons. Therefore, the follow up meetings, advertised in local papers and in the locations of the booklet displays, should invite interested persons to come to a public place such as a library meeting room, a gym, etc. for a seminar(s) to discuss the content of the booklet and to respond to questions. The seminars would be led by a local caring, competent Christian discussion leader who is completely comfortable with the Scriptures.

The Billboard Project

This project would enter into long term (perpetual renewal) leases for signs that are located in very high traffic count areas.

The billboards which are leased will be converted to electronic signs. The billboard will have the functionality of a computer. It will be possible to “program and re-program” the screen as often as desired via satellite links using existing technology. The messages, and images will be powerful (mostly God’s Word) and constantly changing.

The entity leasing the billboard to the project will agree that the billboards can be reconfigured at the Project’s expense and that all capital improvements made to the billboard become the property of the entity leasing us the billboard if the lease is ever terminated.

The funding of the Billboard Project would come from a separate trust established by a donor(s) for this purpose. The investments of the trust will perpetually fund the leases until the Lord returns. Some individual billboards may be sponsored by other contributing entities, as well.

The Board of Directors of the Sola Scriptura Project would approve the content posted on each billboard. The Project would have its own management and operations team, supported by the trust funds contributed.

The Core Christian Values Project (Family Bible Study)

If we are going to evangelize the world, we are going to do so at a time when moral and spiritual values are in a steep slide. The Core Christian Values Project is an effort to have families learn, from the Scriptures, one core value at a time and to come to some consensus at the family level of what it is they agree is an eternal value, based on God’s word. This core value would be presented in a format that places the family in a discussion group. In most cases, the father would lead the family through the study and guide them to understanding the Biblical foundation of the core value. The language of the one page study would be simplified but the insight to be gained would be more “meat” than “milk”.

The primary purpose of this project is to help families and individuals critically think about Christian core values. For the most part, this kind of inquiry now is delegated outside the home. We send our children to school, church, kid’s clubs, and athletic activities and to the homes of friends, but who is taking the responsibility for teaching our kids core values? Do the persons who have the most contact with our kids have the most influence? Probably, but that does not have to be the case

This project should help children and parents focus on what is eternally true. In truth, the parents probably need this teaching as much as the children they would presume to teach. The objective would be to “gain consensus” about those core values that are Biblically based and to have that consensus result in enlightened behavior patterns for the whole family.

The lessons can be viewed by going to the Core Values page. The Core Value Lessons need to be packaged for distribution.

In conclusion, if you decide to participate in carrying out any or all of these tasks, thank God for your decision. Just as none of us feel we qualify for the title of “saint”, none of us feel worthy of this calling. It is not our “worth” that matters. We go forward in confidence that God can use anyone to fulfill His will, including persons like ourselves. Sharing the Gospel is one of the most important tasks one could possibly undertake. If we make progress, it needs to be in His strength following His will. Make your decision a matter of prayer. Do you feel God wants you to get involved? Seek His will in all things. God knows our hearts and our motives. We are sinners saved by grace and we want to serve Him because we love Him. It is our great privilege to stand in His presence and say these words.

Bruce Caldwell
President, The Sola Scriptura Project

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